The Company's mission is to supply products of the highest quality and deliver a superior service to its customers – farmers, shrimp feed dealers, as well as domestic and overseas buyers of processed shrimp.


Leverage the Company’s pioneering efforts in innovation and create sustainable solutions in the entire value chain of 'Farm to Fork' to attain market leadership.

To maximize stakeholder value by consistently exceeding customers’ expectations and achieving operational excellence in whatever we do.

We are fundamentally committed to developing new technologies and imparting best practices for the growth of the sector and its contribution to Indian economy.

Core Values

Quality - We believe that quality comes first. We continuously improve the products and services by investing in top-notch R&D and implementing rigorous quality control protocols.

Trust – We maintain a high degree of integrity, transparency and responsibility in whatever we do; we constantly endeavour to instil trust and credibility in the minds of everyone we deal with.

Collaboration – We believe in nurturing lasting partnerships with all stakeholders through positive communication and co-operation for creating enduring value.

Innovation – We strive to create forward thinking solutions to mitigate the inherent risks and weaknesses in the Industry and to boost growth.

Excellence – In pursuit of excellence, we strive to set new benchmarks and raise the bar.

Sustainability – We are committed to develop sustainable business practices in all our activities that will help saving this planet for future generations.