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The Waterbase Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high quality shrimp feed in India. The company also processes shrimp in IQF, Block Frozen and Cooked form from its own captive farms, and exports its produce to global markets, predominantly Japan, Europe and the United States. The company’s processing plant is FDA listed and EU approved, and processing is done as per HACCP guidelines.

The company was founded in 1987 as Thapar Waterbase Limited and was promoted by Mr Vikram Thapar, Chairman of the KCT Group, a diversified Indian conglomerate with business interests in logistics, coal and commodity trading, capital goods, real estate and renewable energy.

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Waterbase is well known as pioneers in Indian Aquaculture Industry. Model ponds are developed in Nellore for all kinds of Shrimp Farming.

The Company gives great emphasis to Research and Development to ensure that farmers are provided with tested quality of Inputs to obtain Optimum Food Conversion Ratio (FCR) and help in good farm management.

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Seafood Processing


Waterbase believes that Shrimps growth is directly related with quality Feed.

Out research facilities is engaged in creating highly nutritive Feeds with quality ingredients sourced from all over the world. Waterbase employs internationally renowned nutritionists to ensure that farmers get quality feed to suit variety of farming techniques such as extensive, modified - extensive and intensive

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The Shrimp Feed Mill Started its commercial production in 1993. The Feed was well received by the Shrimp growing farmers in Coastal Districts of India. The salient feature of Feed Mill is